A Brief Bio of Gary Kanter

Gary Kanter, co-author of Resume Empower! Shattering the Paper Ceiling, began providing employment services in 1973 when he helped create a youth-employment network on Canada's Prince Edward Island.

Since that time he has worked in various public, private, and non-profit organizations working with all types and levels of workers. His experience ranges from business executives and technical professionals to entry level and physically/mentally challenged candidates. He joined Tom Washington at Career Management Resources in 1988 and since that time the two have developed a track record of successful service delivery to both individual and corporate-sponsored clients.

He has presented highly-regarded workshops throughout the Puget Sound region and has taught job finding classes at Everett and Bellevue Community Colleges. He is regularly invited to present seminars at job fairs throughout the region. He was a featured speaker at past Diversity Job Fairs and Hi Tech Career Expos. His articles on resume writing and interviewing have regularly appeared in regional and national publications.

In addition to his duties at CMR, Gary has worked with disabled job candidates through the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. These have included mentally and physically challenged individuals as well as recovering substance abusers. He has also provided vocational guidance consulting for regional social service agencies.


Gary's philosophy is that of empowerment. He has demonstrated that those who have identified their key strengths and professional accomplishments, will open doors others will not even approach on the job search. Just as the most successful sales professionals succeed by believing in their products, the successful job seekers succeed through believing in themselves. Knowing that they offer value makes them valuable to an employer. As such, they will take more responsibility for their own job searches. They have the confidence and enthusiasm to go out and do it!

Gary insists that his clients actually have fun during their time at CMR.  This is not root canal, he says.  This program is designed to make our folks feel better about themselves, their employment prospects, and lives.  This should be an enjoyable process.

Gary is a graduate of Queens College of the City University of New York

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