Interview Coaching

We Can Help You Ace Your Next Interview.

  • Some people interview well.  Some don’t.  Regardless of their proficiency, everyone can improve their interviewing skills.  Whether the change is moderate or profound, it can often make the difference between receiving an offer or a letter of regret

Who Can Benefit From Interview Coaching?

  • Those with a distinct “fear of interviewing”
  • Those who interview well but wish to improve
  • Those who interview very well…but also feel they can improve
  • Those who believe they have actually lost job offers because they couldn’t “close the deal”
  • Those who have specific challenges such as long gaps in employment, were fired from a recent job, or will be considered overqualified or underqualified for certain jobs
  • Those who find it awkward negotiating for salary and benefits

The Tools We Use

  • Tom’s Interview Power: Selling Yourself Face To Face is the centerpiece along with sections of our new Resume Empower! Shattering the Paper Ceiling

What We Do

  • We provide insight into the types of interviews you will be facing such as behavioral, panel, and series formats
  • We help you design a customized strategy with techniques for responding to the most difficult questions.  These include generically troublesome questions such as “what is your greatest weakness?”  Or, questions specific to your situation, such as being fired or asked to leave a position under less than favorable circumstances
  • We will teach you powerful interviewing skills that less than 10% of your competitors use. Perhaps the most powerful is the art of selling key strengths by providing specific examples of their use. No resource shows you how to do it better than Interview Power (Master the Art of Story Telling).
  • We work with you on developing your responses. Next, we will go through a mock interview process to hone and practice your answers. We keep at it until you are comfortable and ready for the real thing
  •  We can also provide post-interview evaluation opportunities to analyze your performances, identify the positives, the negatives, and the “okays-but-could’ve-done better”

Call us to learn more about CMR’s interview Coaching Process – (425) 629-3965

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