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Accomplishments Action verbs Actions Active listening Age Agenda Ambiguous questions Anti-business Apologetic Apologies Argue, don't Arrest Arrive early Associations

Beards Behavior-based interviews Benefits Biases Blowing an interview Bragging Brain teasers Bridges, don't burn Business cards Buy signals Buying time

Calculating results Career goals Cell phone, turn off Challenges Chemistry (with interviewer) Citizenship Closed-ended questions Clothing Company secrets Confidence Clear conscience Contribution to organization Controversy Conviction Cooperative Credibility Criminal record

Defamation of character Defensive Demonstrate enthusiasm Desperate Disagree Disconfirming evidence Discrimination Dress Dress up/dress down Drugs

Earrings Emotion Employment agency Enthusiasm Enthusiastic Enthusiasm check Estimating results Exaggeration, avoid Excite employers (make money, save money, solve problems, reduce stress) Experience (distant, nonwork, recent, related) Exposure (to certain duties) Eye-contact

Features and benefits Feedback from employers Fired First impressions Flexible Follow-up calls Foot-in-mouth syndrome Fun to work with

GPA (grade point average) Genuineness Grades Green, Paul (behavior-based interviewing) Guesstimating

Headhunters Hindrances Hiring decision Honesty Hooks Human resources Human rights department Humor
Illegal questions (age, birth control, citizenship, criminal record, gender, maiden name, marital status, national origin, race, religion)

Images Impact Impasse Impressions Increase(s) Inappropriate information Initiative Innovative Integrity Interviewer’s name Intuition

Interviews (17 types) behavior-based, campus, conversational, group, headhunters, job fairs, lunch, nondirected, on-site, panel, screening, second, series, simulation, situation, stress, telephone

Jargon Jewelry Job fairs Jobs, summer

K, L
Let-it-all-hang-out syndrome Listen Listening, active Lunch interview

Maiden name Marital status Medley, Anthony (author of Sweaty Palms) Meek, (appearing too meek) Memories Memorizing answers (don't) Military service Mistake(s) Monotone Mustaches

Name, interviewer's National origin Negativity Negotiate, Negotiating Nervous

Objection(s) Offer(s) Open-ended questions Openness Overqualified Overtime

Pause, pausing Percentage(s) Perfectionism, perfectionist Performer, high Personality skills Personality tests Personality, winning Phone interview etiquette Portfolio Potential Power words Pregnant pause Preparation Probing questions Productive, productivity Profanity
Qualifications Quantify, quantifying Quintessential Careers Questions (ambiguous, asking, behavior-based, dumb, illegal, offensive, personal, probing, safe, strange, technical, throwaway)

Rapport Receptionist, greet with a smile Recommendations Recruiter(s) Reference(s) Rejection Religion Research employers/career fields Restaurant interview Results Risks, calculated

Safe answers Salary negotiation Salary range Save face Screener, screening Self-centeredness Self-disclosure Sell yourself Shake hands SHARE (situation, hindrances, actions, results, evaluation) Silence (used by interviewee and interviewer) Sincere Skills (personality, social, technical, transferable, work content) Stories Storytelling Strange questions Strengths Summer jobs Sweaty palms

Tactful Team player Technical questions Technical skills Telephone screening interview etiquette Termination Tests, personality Thank-you note Threatened (interviewer feeling) Time, buying Transferable skills Travel Trustworthy Truthful, truthfulness Two-minute sell

U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Vivid (tell vivid stories) Weakness (as in, "What is your greatest weakness?") Which resulted in Winning personality Work samples (portfolio)

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