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I'm Tom Washington, owner and founder of Career Management Resources. We're an outplacement firm that really cares about its clients— both the companies we work with and those individuals we help to find new positions.

  • We provide a range of services to enable those who have been terminated to quickly find new employment. Whether it is for a single displaced employee or several, more and more organizations are finding it in their best interest to provide this type of assistance
  • Since 1982 we've worked with organizations ranging in size from 10 employees to Fortune 500 companies.  The flexibility of our programs has enabled us to effectively serve all clients and budgets
  • Outplacement assistance is a concept that benefits both the sponsoring organization and the downsized employees. Rather than a cost, outplacement is an investment in the future

The Benefits of Outplacement Assistance

  • Lawsuits, sabotage, and public complaints occur when people feel they have been treated unfairly and impersonally. When people feel they are being treated fairly, these things rarely occur
  • Outplacement acts as an insurance policy to eliminate or minimize potentially devastating problems such as wrongful termination suits
  • Outplacement is an opportunity to demonstrate that the organization cares and is willing to help the terminated person get situated in a new position
  • We're effective because we care about people, and our clients quickly realize this. We also have the experience, knowledge, and resources to quickly get people working again

The Benefits of Well-Handled Terminations

  • Regardless of the cause, the manner in which a termination is handled is critical.
  • We assist firms in handling the termination process in ways that minimize disruption to the organization, while providing the greatest benefit to those individuals losing their jobs.

The Benefits of CMR Outplacement

  • At CMR we provide the assistance people need to make that difficult transition. In our "professional programs," we typically spend 30-60 hours with clients to develop and achieve their goals. In our "mini programs" we pack a lot of job finding punch into 5-15 hours of individual counseling. We are totally dedicated to meeting the needs of the individual. Each has our full attention and energy
  • We have the knowledge and experience to get folks back on the job quickly. Our job finding materials are state-of-the-art and we quickly give clients the confidence to go out and land that next job
  • We provide services primarily in two ways: individual counseling and seminars.  With several displaced workers we can often use a combination of the two which helps defray the costs to the sponsoring company.  The seminars also provide a sense of community and shared goals among the clients
  • As each client has unique issues in the job search process, one-on-one counseling is critical. A productive job search is a complex undertaking, and often requires regular coaching and encouragement
  • The process usually begins with rebuilding the client’s self-esteem and developing focus. This is best accomplished through a series of exercises which have consistently proven their value in enabling the clients to identify their skills, accomplishments, and goals. Only when a renewed level of self-esteem is achieved, can a person make effective career decisions
  • For some, losing a job is a great opportunity to consider a career shift. We provide clients the opportunity to look at that option with realistic eyes
  • Once the position is identified, we shift into marketing mode…with the creation of a high-impact resume, employer selections, contact strategies, and interview coaching. We also provide salary negotiation support and post-employment follow up

Career Management Resources is a Local Firm

I started Career Management Resources in 1980 with Gary Kanter joining in 1988. We know the Puget Sound job market and we know what job finding strategies work here.

Whether you represent a Fortune 500 firm or a small- or medium-sized firm we can meet your specific needs. We’re flexible and can provide highly useful services for even the tightest budget.

Give us a call (425)828-6974

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