Appendix B was created to provide additional information on important topics that are covered in Resume Power. We realized that some readers would want access to additional information that just would not fit in a 300 page book. So we added material to cover what to do when you apply for a job in which you will be viewed as overqualified. In Resume Empower we provided several examples of using volunteer work in a resume, but we thought folks would benefit from seeing additional samples. The purpose of writing a marketing letter is to obtain appointments with hiring managers. So we’ve provided additional examples of marketing letters, and then we’ve included instructions on how to use your marketing letters to obtain more appointments and how to sell yourself when you get those appointments. Reference USA, a database with 14 million businesses is a great resource, but not entirely intuitive in using it. The instructions for accessing Reference USA and producing a list of just the right organizations should prove very helpful.

Overqualified, page 67

Examples of volunteer experience, page 86

Action words, longer list, page 92

Techniques for follow-up after sending a marketing letter and how to get appointments, page 282

Examples of marketing letters, page 288

Create an employer list with Reference USA, full instructions on how to tap this resource with 14 million U.S. and 1.5 million Canadian companies, page 288 (This section will be available soon)

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