Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. — Unknown

Your Employment section is the core of the empowered resume. This is where the rubber meets the road. Everything before and after this is supporting material.

The job narrative represents your key opportunity to sell yourself, enabling you to demonstrate the breadth and width of your experience and to showcase your results. It is not just a recitation of duties and responsibilities. It is a statement of value.

Employment has four main purposes:

  1. It reveals your career progress
  2. It describes duties and responsibilities
  3. It describes results and accomplishments
  4. It accounts for where you’ve been and for whom you’ve worked.

You have a definite goal in mind: you want employers to sense your future worth to their organizations. Everything in your resume should demonstrate your ability to master the type of job you are seeking. Include whatever information will create that sense of value; exclude the information that will not.

Each job narrative should be presented not simply as a patchwork of recycled job descriptions but as an individual success story, replete with duties, results, and accomplishments.

Describing results and accomplishments in your previous positions will do more to reveal your capabilities than anything else. Each job narrative should consist of concisely described duties and at least one real accomplishment. The Employment section should begin with your most recent position and move

backward in reverse chronological order. Start with a job sketch!

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