There are many ways to start a marketing letter, but not so many ways to end one. Marketing letters usually end by telling the recipient of the letter that you will be calling to arrange a brief appointment, usually requesting 15-20 minutes. Notice the various ways to begin and end a letter. Everything in between will be totally unique to you.

You can gain ideas from any of the following marketing letters and you will probably want to scan many of them. The marketing letters have been placed in the following categories: Accounting/Finance, Attorney, Drafting, Engineer, Human Resources, Inventory Control, Management, Marketing/Sales, Research, Medical, and Safety and Health. Even those marketing letters that may not be in your career field can give you ideas.


Dear Ms _____:

With 23 years in manufacturing accounting and finance, the last twelve in upper management, I have a record of effectively managing all financial aspects of a company. I develop accounting procedures that cut costs and increase productivity and I’ve played a key role in keeping my company profitable and running smoothly.

My accounting staff is well trained and highly accurate and productive. People enjoy working for me and I always maintain the lowest turnover of any department in my company. I have heavy experience with financial statements and cost accounting, as well as broad experience with budgets and forecasts.

You may be interested in someone who:

Created the cleanest audit in Houston. The Ernst & Young audit manager once told me that we produced the cleanest audit of any of their clients in the Houston region.

Reduced the time required to close the month end books from six days to three days and all but once submitted financial statements to corporate ahead of the other 12 sister companies.

I realize you may not have any openings at present for a Controller or VP of Finance, but I would like to meet briefly with you to share a little of my background and at the same time, learn something about the directions you are heading in. I will call you next week to arrange a time when we might meet for 15 minutes.


Rachel Sabonis

Dear _____:

I’m a 2008 graduate of the UCLA, where I received my BA cum laude in business administration, with a finance concentration. I studied a wide variety of finance and accounting concepts and demonstrated a strong grasp of each of them, providing me with a solid academic foundation on which I am eager to build. I also have demonstrated my ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced corporate environment and to work in an efficient and professional style with people both inside and outside the organization.

In addition to my academic background, I have gained valuable research and analytical experience while interning with the CSA (formerly the California Software Alliance), the California State Senate, and the California Policy Center. The research I conducted in these internships ranged from evaluating the effects of tax policies on high-technology companies to estimating the effectiveness of proposed all terrain vehicle safety legislation. I enjoy writing and presenting the results of my research, and have received consistently strong feedback on my writing, analysis, and speaking skills. Having grown up around technology, I’m highly proficient with Excel and MS applications and quickly master new applications as needed.

I believe that I could be a valuable asset to your company. I will call you next week to arrange a time when we might meet. I look forward to talking with you.


Steven Jakia


Dear _____:

I recently had a discussion with a colleague of yours at Jensen and Johnson, Mr. Jeremy Braddick, concerning the Denver area legal market, specifically as it pertains to estate and business planning practices. I have been researching the legal job field here in the Denver area, and Stillworth Roberts stood out as a firm with a strong estate and business planning practice. Mr. Braddick mentioned your name as someone that I should contact.

While Stillworth Roberts may not be currently seeking an attorney in its estate and business planning practice due to the economic downswing, recent business and news reports have indicated that Colorado’s economy is on the rebound. In anticipation of coming growth, you may be looking now or in the near future to add attorneys to your practice to handle the growing demand for quality legal services from corporate and individual clients. As a lawyer with two years of solid legal experience, I am able to provide excellent legal counsel along with strong client development skills. I’ve had proven success in managing the business and administrative side of a law practice to lower overhead and increase efficiency.

I have substantive experience in contract-based law. While a corporate defense attorney at a San Francisco law firm, I researched and analyzed contractual issues under the laws of numerous states and prepared legal opinions and reservation of rights letters interpreting insurance contracts in light of the facts of their associated disputes. Additionally, I was involved in all phases of litigation up to trial, including settlement negotiations. Despite my strong background in litigation, I am seeking to transition to an estate and business planning practice. In that way I can use my love of finance and business, along with my legal abilities, to assist clients to plan for their financial futures, as well as the financial needs of closely-held businesses.

As an attorney, notable accomplishments include:

Playing a key role in successfully negotiating and preparing settlement agreements. For example, as a first year associate in a conference room filled with over 30 seasoned attorneys at a large law firm, I proposed the final figure and terms that settled a case with potentially several hundred million dollars damages exposure that had been in negotiations for over two years.

Developing effective methods for analyzing and organizing documents produced during litigation. In one case, I created a system for organizing over 1 million pages of documents in a way that facilitated more efficient document identification and retrieval.

I will call you on November 5th to arrange a time when we might meet briefly to discuss my background and your future needs.


Ansel Rollins


Dear Ms. _____:

I have a strong background in construction and drafting and would like to use that background to assist an architectural firm like Jackson Strahan in architectural drafting. My background includes broad experience in all aspects of home construction, including working with blueprints and takeoffs, obtaining permits, working with inspectors, and developing effective relationships with contractors and subcontractors. I managed a construction company for two years and significantly increased the profitability of the firm. In addition to reducing materials costs I decreased construction time from 80 days to 45 days.

I have obtained strong CAD drafting training by receiving certificates from Lake Swanson Technical College in Engineering Drafting, Architectural Drawing, and Technical Illustration. I quickly became recognized by my instructors for producing high quality drawings and learning new procedures quickly.

My drafting skills include: Dimensioning & Tolerancing per ANSI, GDT, and DOD-100; Checking Procedures and Proofing; Isometric, Dimetric & Trimetric Projection Drawing; Leroy, Merlin, and Freehand Lettering; 3,000+ hours - AUTO-CAD 2008; 3D Studio and Solids; Mechanical Drawing; Architectural Drawing; Civil Drawing; Technical Illustration; Exploded Assemblies in Axonometric & Perspective; Orthographic Projection; 1,2, & 3 Point Perspective; Aldus Freehand 8.0; Generic Cad 2009; Oblique Drawing; and familiarity with most plotting tools.

I realize that you may have no openings at the present time. I would, however, very much like to meet briefly with you. I will call you to set up a time when we might meet for perhaps 20minutes.


Dave Kamber

Dear Mr. _____:

In anticipation of an upsurge in your work load, you may be looking for a person with an extensive background in the design of HVAC and plumbing systems. During 14 years in the profession, I have done everything from installation of systems through walking roof tops as a sales engineer for a major equipment manufacturer, to designing complicated remodeling projects and the layout of such demanding buildings as a large medical/dental clinic. Some of my projects include:

The conversion of a local high school from an "open concept" to a standard classroom configuration including the science wing with attendant ventilation and piping.

The calculation of building loads, the selection of equipment, and the lay out of the air distribution system for a large medical/dental clinic.

The routing of piping and air distribution for a massive brewery expansion project using a flooded ammonia cooling system with dehumidification by absorption.

Designed ducting for air distribution in a multi-million dollar computer facility using multiple free-standing computer room units.

With a history of successfully completed projects, I believe I can contribute to the further growth of your company. I will call you next week to discuss a time when we might meet briefly to discuss your future needs.


Raymond McDougal


Dear Ms. _____:

I am currently seeking a software engineering position on a significant and challenging project. My areas of experience include Windows development using Visual C++, MFC, ATL, and COM. Through hard work and ingenuity I have been able to implement many well received solutions for my previous employer.

If your engineering division needs a person with strong development skills, you may be interested in my past accomplishments. I added developer APIs to my previous product that allowed third party developers to implement applications using controls from my employer’s product. Sales directly linked to this feature are credited with increasing quarterly revenue by roughly 6%, which led to a spin off product targeted specifically at third party developers that I was the primary developer on. While working on this developer product I implemented a drag and drop utility for developing applications. This dramatically reduced the learning curve and development time and was hailed by both internal employees and customers as the most useful tool that shipped with the product.

In addition to my work on the developer product, I was also instrumental in the reduction of bugs. I created a work around to a major architectural flaw that would have required approximately one man-year of development time to address if the offending component was redesigned. I played a key role in the redesign and development of a major component resulting in an estimated 90% reduction in bugs that required more then a day to address. I have worked on four major and three minor product releases and played an important role in decreasing the number of known issues at launch by 60%.

With this history of success behind me, I believe I can contribute to the further growth of Coznetics. My determination, creativity, and desire to learn new technologies have made me a very proficient software developer. I will call next week to learn about your future plans.


Justin Black


Dear _____:

In 2008 wrongful termination and sexual harassment suits alone cost employers in the State of _____ over $98 million. A swift and thorough investigation of such allegations can typically resolve these disputes at an early stage. When combined with prevention programs, such suits rarely occur.

With 18 years of investigation experience, including 15 of those years in management, I know how to establish human resource programs that can essentially eliminate wrongful termination and sexual harassment suits, as well as many types of fraudulent accident claims by both employees and customers. I can strengthen the background checks of prospective new hires. I can establish security programs that will improve the safety and security of employees and reduce both internal and external theft. I can work effectively with information systems staff to coordinate their network security efforts with other corporate security activities.

I have investigated and won over 900 consecutive fraud cases. I produce high quality investigations with such well-written and documented reports that most cases are immediately plea-bargained. It is this quality of investigative work that I can bring to ________ .

As a manager, I have sat on over one hundred hiring boards. Using behavioral interviewing techniques, I have formulated the questions used by these boards and hired high quality individuals. By hiring the right people we increased productivity and decreased turnover. I have trained over 2000 employees in fraud prevention. These classes were well received and had real impact. I have a Management Training certificate from the University of Utah as well as a B.A. from Brier College. I am well versed in all areas of employee performance appraisal, state and federal personnel regulations, and progressive discipline.

My unique background enables me to provide a wide range services to an organization such as ________ .

While you may not have an opening at this time for a person with my background, I will call you next week to arrange a time when we might meet for 15 or 20 minutes to discuss how my investigative, management, and human resources background could be incorporated to meet your future needs.


Rosa Arroyo


Dear _____:

I have a strong background in inventory control and shipping and receiving. As a problem solver I have consistently obtained quicker deliveries from suppliers, improved service to our customers, and negotiated better prices and terms with vendors. I implement effective tracking systems that reduce losses and support timely product delivery for customers.

You may be interested in someone who has produced significant improvements and savings for employers:

For a medical equipment company I developed such an effective inventory control system that we lost only one item in five years, a $300 monitor.

For the same medical equipment company, the home office waived the annual inventory audit for my branch due to the history of accurate accounting of all parts and equipment.

Implemented a JIT purchasing program that produced significant savings for vendors and customers, as well as my company.

I realize you may have no openings at the present time for someone with my background, but I would very much like to meet briefly with you. I would appreciate the opportunity to share a little more about my background and at the same time learn about the directions ________ is moving in. I will call you early next week to arrange a time that we might meet for perhaps fifteen minutes.


Jerry Ryckoff


Dear Mr. _____:

I have a strong background in management and project management. I operated my own commercial landscaping business from 1996 to 2002. I purchased a 20 year old company and immediately began to turn around the business. I increased sales approximately 25% per year.

Prior to purchasing the business I had been in banking for approximately twelve years. I held positions as Branch Administrator, Branch Manager, Loan Officer, and Operations Manager. I was recognized as an excellent troubleshooter and as a result spent time in 18 branches resolving various problems. As branch manager at one branch I doubled loans and deposits in just one year.

Currently I am handling special projects for a major paint manufacturer. I supervised and coordinated a store set reorganization for over 500 stores in 35 states in which competitors' products were replaced with Lucite. I handled all scheduling and worked out logistics for each of the 50 project teams. All deadlines were met and I received commendations from Lucite and the chain stores for the quality of the store sets. I also managed a $1.2 million re-label project for over 3000 distributors and retail outlets. I identified and implemented numerous cost saving measures and completed the project ahead of schedule and $60,000 under budget.

I hold a BA in marketing and economics from Eastern Washington University. My strengths include general management, developing strong staffs, increasing profit margins, finance and accounting, obtaining financing, and setting up effective systems and reporting procedures.

While you may have no openings suitable to my background at this time, I would very much like to meet briefly with you. I will call you next week to arrange a time when we might meet for 15-20 minutes.


Roberta Ross

Dear Ms. _____:

I have a strong background in operations and customer service within the transportation industry. As Chief Purser with American President Lines for the past 22 years, I have overseen the operations of cruise ships with up to 1200 passengers. On such cruises I have supervised nine officers with up to 400 crew members. I am presently looking for opportunities within the airline industry which will utilize my extensive experience and excellent track record.

Within APL I have been recognized as a troubleshooter. Whenever a ship has problems of any type, I get assigned to that ship. I have been able to establish more effective procedures and systems and have resolved many problems with crews and passenger services. I work closely with passengers and ensure that their voyage is a most pleasant one. I have consistently found ways to please even the most demanding passenger.

I am continuously looking for ways to improve operations. Some of my projects include:

For most of our Far East ports, I developed a system which bypassed local chandlers and I instead purchased supplies directly from local vendors. In this way I reduced supply costs approximately 20%.

I negotiated with quarantine officials at six Pacific Rim ports and received permission to bypass the typical quarantine process, thus eliminating a costly waiting period outside each port. This process now saves about $60,000 per year in sailors' overtime pay, for each of eight ships.

I developed a computerized inventory report of the ship's store which reduced monthly preparation time from 16 hours to 4 hours, saving $3,600 per year. Approximately 20 vessels have adopted the system, saving APL over $70,000 per year.

At those ports where local tour companies charged high rates, I personally developed tour packages which typically saved passengers 20% and were highly popular.

I realize that you may not have any openings at this time. I would very much like to meet briefly with you, however, and will call you in a few days to set up a time.


Edward Tutu

Dear _____:

I’m a strong leader and effective at leading projects and programs. During 10 years of project management experience I have consistently led project teams to successful results.

  • As a facilitator I bring the best ideas out of people so we can focus on win-win solutions, usually based on “triple bottom line” criteria.
  • I build rapport and alignment on goals as a liaison between business and technical teams.
  • At _________ I improved productivity and developed a process that produced higher quality projects and delivered projects on schedule at a rate 60% higher than before.
  • I utilize excellent communication skills with team members, stakeholders and executive management to obtain more collaboration and achieve win-win results.

I’m an effective meeting leader with groups, helping them to define a clear vision and set specific goals.

I have supported such businesses as Sears, Caterpillar, and Pfizer in a variety of roles, including as a business planner and analyst. This work has drawn from my strong educational background with an MBA from Northwestern, as well as a BS in accounting. Some ways this experience may be helpful include:

  • I can use my financial knowledge and experience to help ensure that we create win-win solutions. The Northwestern MBA lends credibility for outsiders who review the analyses I perform.
  • I am recognized as an expert researcher. When there is something about finance that needs to be researched, turn to me first.

I’m a quick learner. In new fields and for new projects I have quickly gotten up-to-speed and identified the key business issues.

I will call you next week to arrange a time when we might meet briefly to discuss my background and your future needs.


Sandra Kaymeyer

Dear _____:

I’m looking at prepress production coordination or management positions with printing and graphics companies. For the past 14 years I’ve been a successful graphics manager for a major packaging manufacturer.

I was selected to create and manage a new in-house graphics department to support our customers’ graphic design and film needs and the prepress requirement for our offset and flexo printing departments. I developed policies, procedures, and specifications, and effectively integrated the departments into the existing operation. This allowed me to provide a new service to our sales team and printing department by successfully consolidating their prepress needs. I worked closely with graphic designers and provided the customer with technical, artistic, and production expertise.

I was a key member of a team that successfully installed an in-house plate room for our offset printing presses. The facility was constructed, laid out, equipped, manned, and operational within budget and on schedule. This operation allowed us to save $350,000 in plate costs, and reduced press downtime while waiting for plates, by 65%. It also provided greater flexibility for scheduling jobs.

In my prepress management role, I worked daily with customers, graphics people, sales reps, and production people to ensure we produced the job right the first time. When problems did occur I acted as the liaison between production and the customer to correct the problem.

Because of my many years in the printing business, I have gained expertise in all areas including graphics, printing, die cutting, and finishing. With this knowledge I have been able to quickly answer questions of customers, their graphics designers, and their film suppliers.

My background also includes four years of customer service and customer service management. I have also had extensive experience in scheduling, estimating, and planning.

I realize you may not have any openings at the present time. I would, however, very much like to meet briefly with you to tell you more about my background and to learn about what opportunities may be occurring in the future. I will call you next week to arrange a time that we might meet for perhaps 20 minutes.


Rob Roy

Dear _____:

I am an experienced Project Manager / Business Process Manager looking for a new opportunity to utilize my expertise. I have 15 years of experience in project management and business process re-engineering, managing large and small scale business process improvement projects. Several projects have involved redesigning finance, customer service, operational and risk management business processes, and implementing supporting enterprise systems. I have an in-depth knowledge of Lean Process Improvement and strategic planning principles. I am also experienced in all aspects of the software development lifecycle specializing in design, testing, and rollout. I recently obtained the PMP certificate from the Project Management Institute.

I quickly build cross-functional working relationships with internal and external business partners and suppliers, building project teams that successfully accomplish the strategic goals of the project. On several occasions I have been asked to replace the existing business process / project manager. I then refocused the project and the project team so they could get back on track and complete the project within scope, on schedule, and within budget.

I’ve been recognized for my creativity in leading complex projects that always meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. I have analyzed and documented the current business processes and then led the redesign of those processes to maximize the effectiveness of the corporation’s IT investments.

I realize that you may not be seeking a project manager or process improvement manager at this time. I’m quite interested in ________________ and would like to arrange a time to meet briefly with you. I’ll call you next week to arrange a time at your convenience.


Randal Samuels

Dear Mr. _____:

I have a strong background in business management. My partner and I started Swift Printing 15 years ago and established it as one of the finest and largest printing companies on the Southside. I was involved in all aspects of the business, particularly accounting, data processing, finance, purchasing, marketing, and customer service.

I set up all administrative procedures including accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, taxes, and purchasing. I established each computerized system and worked closely with computer experts to build systems which really met our needs. By personally handling collections and always staying on top of the situation I kept overdue accounts to levels far below the industry average. During a two year period it was necessary to completely manage one of our Swift stores. During the first seven months I doubled sales and significantly raised morale and productivity.

I bring with me a great deal of business savvy, along with strong accounting and data processing experience. I can fit in well with any type of setting. I realize you may not have any openings at this time. I would, however, like to meet briefly with you. I will call you next week to set up a time when we might meet for fifteen minutes.


Brenda Robinson


Dear Mr. _____:

I have a strong sales and technical background in the marine electronics industry. Because of your reputation, I am very interested in ________________.

As field service engineer for a major marine electronics service organization, I sold our servicing programs and in three years increased business over 50%. As service manager for a marine instrument company, I made the branch profitable for the first time and developed very strong accounts. For a marine radio manufacturer I serviced and sold the equipment in ten states as well as Mexico, Panama, and Peru. I also had my own marine electronics sales and service organization for several years and increased sales more than 25% each year.

I quickly develop strong technical knowledge and my strengths are in gaining the confidence of customers and in recognizing new applications of products. I will call you next week to set up a time when we might meet briefly.


David Hsu

Dear Mr. _____:

I have a strong background in sales and marketing management with the ability to significantly increase sales, market share, and profits. I’m highly effective at product development and rollout. While you may have no suitable openings at the moment, you may be interested in some of my experiences.

As VP of Marketing for the Best Homes real estate franchise division, eighth largest franchiser in the U.S., I oversaw the national marketing of the franchise program. I supervised three Marketing Development Directors and 12 Regional Managers. In a three year period I developed new marketing programs that significantly increased market share and took Best Homes from 16th nationally to eighth.

As Regional Manager in Minneapolis I introduced Best Homes to the Minnesota/Wisconsin region. In just three years I built the region into the number two region in the country.

As Vice President of Marketing for CenterPak Corporation I retargeted this firm that had traditionally repackaged low margin, commodity products, and turned it into a high margin repackager of vitamins, “wets and drys,” and pharmaceuticals. I was responsible for marketing, sales, packaging, pricing, product selection, advertising, merchandising, and publicity. In 36 months I took sales from $800 K $2.9 M.

As Regional Sales Manager of the Supermarket Division for Western Publishing, the publishers of Betty Crocker cook books and Golden Books, we penetrated the grocery market utilizing food brokers. Our marketing programs enabled the division to exceed corporate goals by 40%.

I will call you next week to arrange a time when we might meet briefly.


Paul Nakason

Dear _____:

I have a strong background in marketing, sales, and management. My MBA has proven especially valuable in my marketing endeavors. I also possess excellent experience in project management, leadership, and communications. For this reason I would like to meet with you regarding opportunities you may have in the future.

Until recently I was employed with Moonbeam Systems as a Product and Marketing Manager for its host access software product family. These products account for 65% of Moonbeam’s revenue.

As a Product Manager, I was involved in the planning and development process for host access software products based on market trends, customer requirements, and the competitive environment. As a Product Marketing Manager, I managed four product launches at Moonbeam. These launches have honed my skills in developing business and launch plans, messaging and positioning documents, product release notices, collateral, web content, pricing, training for the sales organization, press releases and tours, and working in cross functional teams.

I have made significant contributions to my previous employers because I am a creative, mature, focused, and motivated self-starter. I realize you may not have any appropriate positions at the present time. I would, however, very much like to meet briefly with you, perhaps fifteen minutes. I will call you next week to set up a time.


Jessica Prizm

Dear _____:

E-commerce is undergoing explosive growth. Having the right person to help manage that growth and direct the company is critical. I have grown divisions and companies in niche consumer markets for 14 years. My forte is identifying trends and guiding corporate strategy to benefit from those trends, defining and solving system/ operations issues, and increasing profitability through strategic sales, marketing, and expense reduction programs.

In 2002 I developed a strategic plan, directory, and template for a corporate Web site, which has been a valuable marketing tool since 2003. More recently I charted a corporate Web site, developed a strategic plan for future expansion, and advised the site designer on strengthening the site’s impact and increasing consumer and dealer use.

Launched an avionics communication product, generating $4MM in sales in its first year. The same product captured 27% market share within two years. Three years later when the avionics division was declining, 19% below previous year sales, I stepped back in to redefine and optimize the sales network, resulting in an 18% increase over previous year sales. Concurrently led the product development team for a niche product, charted the New Dealer network, customer support program, and product introduction plan. This new product captured roughly 30% market share within the first year.

Reversing corporate losses for a fitness equipment company, ending five years of non-profitability. I increased productivity through technology, reducing headcount by 12%. Negotiated a sub-lease agreement, moved the corporate offices, and redefined the sales and marketing strategy, reducing operating costs from 24% to 18% of sales.

I have a history of success and believe I can contribute the same type of results to Dynammo Corp. My diverse experience in general management, operations, sales and marketing make me a valuable asset for Dynammo Corp. I will call you next week to arrange a time when we can meet briefly to discuss my background and your future needs.


Kaaren Caspar

Dear Mr. _____:

I’m looking for an outside or inside sales opportunity with a construction products company. I am an enthusiastic professional with a solid business and sales background. Having spent several years in the industry, I’m highly knowledgeable in the construction field with excellent contacts among architects, contractors, and building owners. I provide high quality customer service with strong follow through. As an organized problem solver with good judgment, I would be an asset to any organization.

As the marketing director for a commercial construction company, I headed up the marketing efforts. I designed a thorough marketing plan and utilized various resources to identify potential projects. I also identified quality subcontractors and material suppliers for each project we bid on. This assured us that we would get a number of good quality competitive quotes and increase the probability of winning the contract. This contributed to the strong reputation we developed in the industry. I also cultivated quality relationships through my active involvement with Rotary, the St. Louis Chamber, and the Associated Builders & Contractors, where I served on the Board of Directors. I also completed extensive training programs involving marketing construction services and in bringing about construction cost improvements.

I have strong sales experience and am particularly knowledgeable in the construction products field. If you are currently looking for someone with an excellent sales background, or will be in the near future, I would very much like to meet with you. I will call you to arrange a time when we might get together.


Loren Laskel


Dear Ms. _____:

I am a physician from Poland and have recently moved to Seattle. While completing my training I had the opportunity to function as the designer and/or project manager of four research projects. We obtained excellent results from the studies and I gained outstanding experience. Because of my enthusiasm for research, I am committed to a career in clinical research. Rather than practice as a physician, I would like to utilize my strong medical training while working with a bio-medical organization.

I have extensively studied the field of pharmacology and one of my research projects concentrated on the discovery of new properties of a widely used drug, ______. Through the study we demonstrated that it had a positive effect on autonomic nervous regulation.

I have a solid background in designing studies, conducting the research with subjects, and analyzing the data. It appears that the research you conduct is very much in line with my experience. Although you may have no openings at the present time, I would very much like to meet briefly with you. I will call next week to arrange a time when we might meet for perhaps 20 minutes.


Nadiya Sakulska


Dear Mr. _____:

I have more than eight years experience in the environmental safety and health field, with a knack for saving money. For example, I saved over $30,000 in annual personal protective equipment costs by setting up an accountability system that tracked usage and replacement expenditures. Concerning environmental management, I reduced pollution control equipment costs, $15,000 annually by assembling a small team of in-house experts to make minor repairs. I saved $10,000 annually by eliminating environmental consulting services and fees by doing all permitting work myself. A few other highlights of my career may be of interest:

  • Decreased disposal costs 20% through improved raw material handling and price negotiation with waste disposal companies. Efforts saved $8,000 annually.
  • Reduced corporate injury rate 40% by instituting training and employee awareness programs. Decreased time loss days by over 80% in a six year period. This decrease, along with implementing an aggressive return to work program, led to premium refunds of $160,000.

I am very serious about saving money while providing total environmental and safety compliance. This comes from the realization that many organizations believe that compliance programs cost money. My experience proves that well designed and managed compliance programs actually save money.

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1994 with a degree in Chemistry and took graduate level coursework in Air Pollution Control Engineering, at the University of South Carolina from 1997 to 1999.

I will call you next week to arrange a suitable time to meet for fifteen or twenty minutes.


Marvin Glasgow

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