As with any resume, demonstrating results will help you get more interviews and more job offers. Your goal should be to demonstrate that you design and implement successful, cost-effective programs, or that you are highly skilled at your work. Quantify your results whenever possible. Do your best to show the before and after. If you were head of a program to improve air quality in a metropolitan region you should be able to provide accurate figures. If you worked with a summer youth program you might be able to indicate that you obtained more private sector jobs for youths than in previous years.

In addition to specific results, you should look for ways to demonstrate that you work well with the public. Show that you have a real feel for public relations, that you can sense in advance when there will be a public outcry over a new policy, and that you can defuse tense situations.

If your job will involve you with elected officials or citizen boards, demonstrate that you know how to deal with them. Show that you make persuasive recommendations and that your recommendations are usually approved. Show that you work well with community groups to gain their support for your programs, but that you are not afraid to stand up to them when necessary.

If your work is more in the planning area, describe your overall responsibilities and then mention key projects you were involved with. Provide the names of the projects or programs since some of your readers may be familiar with them, and in any case, it makes the project or program something they can better identify with. Also, provide key information so the reader will understand the size and scope of the project/program, as well as the complexity.

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