In your resume you will want to make the most out of your experience, demonstrate that you seek opportunities to further your knowledge, show that you are good at what you do, and prove that you are a dedicated professional.

Health professionals often have a hard time because it can be difficult to quantify results. You should, however, look for every opportunity to identify your results, and if possible, quantify them.

Results will most often be found in a special project you worked on. Perhaps you were part of a committee that examined a process and recommended improvements.

List any awards you may have received such as employee-of-the-month or year. Awards demonstrate that people think highly of you. Indicate on the resume the reasons for receiving the award rather than merely listing it.

Seminars, workshops, and special training are always valuable to list. Extensive lists can be presented as a third page or addendum.

Showcase your areas of experience. This can easily be done by using a paragraph under Qualifications which might read, “Broad experience in _______, _____, _____, _____, and _____.” If you have numerous items you want to mention you could have a separate category below the qualifications section which would be called “Areas of Experience.”

If you know yourself to be a highly qualified health professional, please do not be satisfied with merely listing your duties and showing your years of experience. Demonstrate your successes.

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