Introduce yourself to Resume Empower by skimming pages 3-91. Familiarize yourself with the sections of a typical resume, particularly those covered from pages 3–75. Some sections, such as special projects, awards, and licenses, are not used often, but can be very beneficial for some. Then flip through the resume section just to observe some of the samples and what they look like. If a section does not seem useful to your situation, skip it and go on to those that will.

Certain portions do not need to be read intensively. In education, for example, we show different models to select from. If you have a bachelors degree and some graduate credits, but no graduate degree, we have a model for you. The models work and will save you time.

The resume is a u-build-it process. We strongly suggest using a Qualifications section because it can greatly strengthen your resume. Pages 33–75 are crucial because they demonstrate how to write a job narrative that will cause people to want to meet you. This section also shows you how to bring your job successes and results into the resume. This is the single most important thing that will cause your resume to stand out above the rest.

Some portions should be skipped entirely. For example, in the portion on creating an electronic resume, we take you through it step-by-step to be sure your text/ASCII resume is created perfectly. If you already know how to do it, skip that portion.

Resume Empower is your tool. Reading it and then using the advice will take time. For all of us, our time is valuable, but when it comes to producing an effective resume, time is an investment. Getting the job you want, with the income you desire, may hinge on one particular hiring manager, liking what he or she sees, and inviting you for an interview. The extra time you spend reading Resume Empower and writing your resume, can pay huge dividends.

Good fortune to you as you go through what we have presented to you.

Power by Masterpiece Studioz