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Abbreviations Accomplishments (did something well, benefit, creative guessing, qualifying, quantifying an accomplishment, calculating percentages, recalling accomplishments) Accounting/finance resumes Action words/verbs Activities Addendum to resume Administrative personnel resumes Affiliations Areas of experience section ASCII Associations Awards

Bolles, Richard (author of What Color Is Your Parachute?) Bonding/bondable Brain dump Bullets Buzz words

Calculating percentages Calculating results resumes for Career Changers, Certificates Chapman, Jack (author of Negotiating Your Salary) Chronological resume Citizenship Classified ads Clerical resumes Clustered resume resumes for College graduates Complete Job Search Handbook resumes for Computer specialists, Confidentiality Cover letters (addressing recipient, analyzing an ad--they want, I've got, tailoring cover letters target hiring authorities, template) Cum laude

Dates Decreases, calculating Dissertation Dikel, Margaret Riley (author, Guide to Internet Job Searching) Duties

Education section (advanced degrees, all but dissertation, high school graduates, college graduates, coursework, cum laude, GPA, honors, listing major and minor)

Electronic resume (abbreviations, buzzwords, lingo, creating, creating a scannable resume, creating text version, keyword section, keywords, identifying, Notepad, OCR (optical character recognition) software, plain text, posting your resume, privacy, sans-serif typeface, scannable, scanners, searchable and retrievable, synonyms, text editor)

E-mail, free Employer list using Reference USA Empowered resume resumes for Engineers Entry level Evaluations Eye appeal

Employment section (avoid long sentences, current job less relevant, dates, formats, gaps, how far back to go, multiple similar jobs, overqualified, prior employment, scope of the job, several jobs with one company, shifting careers or industries, subsidiary, temping, volunteer experience)

False modesty Fifty years and older, resumes for Figler, Howard (author of Complete Job Search Handbook) Fonts (sans-serif for electronic resumes, small caps, avoid fancy fonts) Foreign languages Format, resume Functional categories Functional resume Gaither, Dick (author of The Wizard of Work) Gaps, employment Government employees, resumes for Grade point average, GPA Graduate degrees Guide to Internet Job Searching

Hay, Allan (author of Memory Mining) Health Health professional resumes Honesty Hybrid resume

Impact, using action verbs Increase, calculating Interests Interview decisions Interview Power

Job narratives (avoid long sentences, clarifying what company does, dates, format, how far back, job location, scope of the job, summary, of duties) Jargon Job Hunter’s Bible Job Hunting Online Job hunting websites Justified right and left margin Job sketches (projects, recalling the past, antidote for writer's block)

Key word(s) (resume, abbreviations, buzzwords, scannable, synonyms, key word section)

Languages, foreign Laws of resume writing Letters of commendation Letters of recommendation Licenses Line-wrap

Mailing resumes Managers, resumes for Manufacturing/labor resumes Marketing letters Medley, Anthony (author of Sweaty Palms) Memberships Memory Mining Military personnel resumes

Negotiating Your Salary resumes for those in Nonprofit organizations

Objective OCR (optical character recognition) Office/clerical resumes Officer, association resumes for those Over 50 years of age

Paper for resume Percentages, in results, calculating Personal information Photographs Plain-text resume Posting a resume Prior employment Professional affiliations Professionals, resumes for Projects Publications

Qualifications-chronological resume Qualifications section Qualifications sketch Qualified results Quantified results Quantifying (results, benefits)

Reasons for leaving Recommendation letter Recruiters, when they call Reference USA, employer list Rejection letter Relocation Returning to work after long gaps Reverse chronological resume

References (getting references, personal and professional, reference checking organizations)

Results, resulted in (in accomplishments, in job sketches, qualified results, verifying in interviews, create impact, remembering, can't always quantify, allude to, no need for full details, sell people, which, which resulted in, related to projects, calculating, guesstimating, identifying, percentages, proof of, quantifying, quantified, job success criteria, decreases, increases, provide proof of, take the credit you deserve, numbers not available, go to person, qualifying, describing through words, saying it with impact, action verbs, using action verbs, types of, long list of examples)

Resume(s) (types - reverse chronological, clustered, functional, hybrid qualifications-chronological), confidentiality, database, editing, electronic, format, how far back do you go in time, mailing, multi-page, multiple, one page or two, plain text, ASCII, can't please everyone, posting to databases, professional training, rejection process, responsibilities, sample resumes listed by categories, job titles, scannable

Resumes for groups (accounting/finance, administrative personnel, career changers, college graduates, computer specialists, engineers, government employees, healthcare, IT specialists, those returning to work after long gaps, managers/supervisors, military, nonprofit, those over 50, people who use portfolios, professionals, retailers, scientists, teachers)

Resume sections (activities, areas of experience, associations, awards, certificates, education, employment, licenses, memberships, name, address, email, objective, personal information, professional affiliations, publications, qualifications, special projects, training, volunteer experience)

Salary negotiating Salary requirements Salespeople, resumes for Sans-serif font

Scannable resume requirements (11 or 12 point font, sans-serif typeface, keep lines to 75 characters or less, white or light colored paper, avoid underlining, avoid bolding, avoid fancy fonts, avoid bullets and hollow bullets, put name on top line, use caps for emphasis, send resume unfolded, avoid italics, avoid shading, avoid columns, avoid boxes and vertical lines, avoid compressing spacing between letters and lines, don't send by fax)

Scanning resumes for Scientists, Security clearance Seminars, listing Serif font Shifting careers or industries Special projects, listing Subject matter expert Sweaty Palms

Take credit for results Teachers, resumes for Technical school certificates Temp agencies Temping Thesis Training, listing Two pages versus one Type/font, size/fonts

U, V, W, X, Y, Z
URL Verb tenses Verbs, action Verifying results Volunteer experience Want ads, analyzing Websites What Color Is Your Parachute? Which/which resulted in Wizard of Work Women, returning Word wrap/line wrap Workshops

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