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The Key Internet Trio

The following three websites are great because they provide outstanding advice on how to use the Internet for a job search and offer excellent links to other valuable sites. In essence these three websites individually and together open up the entire Internet. If there is a source of value relating to job finding, career exploration, or education, you will find those links on these three websites.

The Job Hunter’s Bible ( This site is produced by Richard Bolles (author of What Color Is Your Parachute?) and Mark Bolles. We like this site because Bolles not only provides links to some of the best sites on the Web, but he provides a description of what you’ll find and what makes each one useful. In his unique way, he also provides his view on how to best use the Internet. You can also access many of Bolles’ articles on various aspects of job finding. Start with this site.

The Riley Guide ( This is Bolles’ top pick for a must visit site. Margaret Riley Dikel has for years been showing job seekers how to use the Internet for job hunting. She also has great links to key sites with explanations of their value. There are also outstanding links to highly useful articles on job finding.

Career Resource Center ( Another key pick by Bolles. CRC has the most links to job, career, and educational sites of any resource on the Net. The site is continuously adding new technologies to make the job search easier. Their motto, “If it’s about your career . . . it’s here!”

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