Any licenses you hold that are necessary or valuable in the field you are seeking should be listed. Be selective, though. Only list certificates and licenses that are relevant to the new position. Mentioning a real estate license when you want to be a purchasing agent for a tool manufacturer would not add to your qualifications and might cause the employer to wonder whether your preferred career was selling real estate or purchasing.


First Class FCC Radio Telephone Operator (2004)

Commercial Instrument Pilot rating (2002) 840 hours flight time

Private Pilot (1996)

(Electronics technologist and sales rep who flies to see customers)


General Electrical Administrator Certificate – California (1997) Journeyman Electrician License -California, Nevada, Arizona (1990) Commercial Instrument Pilot’s License (1990)

(Electrician who would like to do some flying for his employer)


FCC, 1989

(Broadcast journalist who needs a Federal Communications Commission license to operate on the air)


CPA – New York, New Jersey, California


Professional Engineer, Mechanical Engineering – Colorado (1990)


Standard Elementary and Secondary, Idaho (Lifetime 1989)



Personal Coaching, The Coaching Institute (2002)


Human Resources Management, Continuing Education, University of Washington (1997)

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