Listing your professional training offers one of the best opportunities to demonstrate that you are up-to-date in your field. Or, if you lack the standard education or degrees typical to the profession, a Training section can demonstrate your ongoing commitment to updating your skills.

It is generally best to separate education from training. Training usually includes seminars and workshops, but can also include specific college courses taken to help you perform better in your field but that are not part of a degree program. Seminars include those sponsored by your employer and those offered by outside consulting firms. For example:


b.a. – Business, University of Colorado (2003)


Total Quality Control, Rainier Group (24 hours) 2008 Terminating Employees, Human Resources Inc. (8 hours) 2006

Supervising Difficult Employees, Townsend & Assoc. (10 hours) 2004

Listing workshops and seminars can help demonstrate your professional growth. But as valuable as seminars are, be selective about those you choose to include—be sure they are relevant. If you took a course in estate planning, but that knowledge will be of little or no value for the job you’re seeking (restaurant management, say), it’s better to leave it out.

State the seminar title, the name of the facilitating organization, and the year you attended. If the duration was a day or longer, include the number of hours (days/weeks). If your company sent you to seminars in different cities, it can be beneficial to list the locations. It demonstrates that your employer thought highly enough of you to make that sort of investment.

Some seminars have trendy and marketing-driven titles that don’t describe their content. If “Make the Most of Yourself ” was really about time management, call it: “Time Management.” Review the following:


Managing People, Harvard Business Workshop, four days (2008)

Motivating Employees, Bob Collins & Associates, two days (2006)

Management and Human Relations, California Institute of Technology, 124 hours (2005)


Financial Management for Closely Held Businesses, 40 hours, Bank of America (2007)

Construction Cost Improvement, 20 hours, Nevett & Associates (2006) Scheduling, CPM, 20 hours, Nevett & Associates (2005)

Real Estate Syndication, 10 hours, NW Professionals (2004) Construction Estimating, 30 hours, Lake Washington Technical College (2003)

Closing the Sale, 12 hours, Roff & Associates (2003)

Goal Setting/Richer Life, 18 hours, Zig Ziglar (2001)

Normally, training would be listed directly after education. The two just go together. If the information is lengthy, however, it might be better to move both sections to the second page to assure sufficient room on page one for your most important employment information. An alternative is to keep education on page one and have training on page two.

Some candidates have monster-sized training sections they wish to include. In these cases we recommend creating an additional page or Addendum that can be attached when appropriate and omitted when not.

Another strategy for demonstrating substantial outside training is simply describing the types of programs you have attended and the approximate number of hours. This is especially useful for attorneys, CPAs, nurses, and other professionals who require continuing education in order to maintain their licenses. The section can be called Professional Training or Continuing Education

Professional Training

Over 250 hours of classes and seminars in interviewing, hiring/firing, supervision, employee motivation, performance appraisal, interpersonal communications,

COBRA administration, project management (list available by request)

Another approach is to present the information in categories:



Microsoft Access, Catapult, Inc., 32 hours (2008) Microsoft Visual Basic, University of Washington, 30 hours (2007) Intro to C Programming, Everett Community College, 60 hours (2006) HP Basic Programming, Hewlett-Packard Education, 20 hours (2005)

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills, Decker Communications, 16 hours (2007)

Developing Effective People Skills, Jenkins & Associates, 8 hours (2003)

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