Alist or description of publications can be used to demonstrate expertise in a particular field. Listing publications can also demonstrate your abilities in researching, interviewing, and writing. If you are widely published, include only your most relevant articles.

Publications include articles in newspapers, magazines, trade journals, professional journals, school papers, anthologies, or just about anything in printed form with a circulation larger than 50. If you have many publications, but are including only some of them, call the section Selected Publications.


“The Arts in Seattle,” The Weekly, July 27, 2008 “Marketing a Symphony,” The Conductor, April 2007 “Will Bach Be Back?” Symphony News, November 2003


“The Dismantling of Student Loans,” University of Kentucky Daily, 2007 “Tenureship Under Attack,” University of Kentucky Daily, 2007 “An Hour With G. Gordon Liddy,” University of Kentucky Daily, 2006


“Robots and Production,” Chrysler Employees Newsletter, 2008 “Automation and Its Impact on Blue Collar Workers,” paper presented at the annual Industrial Psychologists Symposium, 2004

If you are going to use a special projects section and have only one publication, you could include the publication with your projects. For example:


Volunteer Probation Counselor, King County – 1999 to Present Authored an environmental article published in Ecojournal – 2005

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