In your resume do everything possible to demonstrate that you are good at what you do. Just by your job title most employers will know your basic duties, combine them with of your results. Retailing is one of the most statistics-filled industries, so make use of the data available to you.

Add any duties not typically associated with your standard job title that demonstrate flexibility.

If your job entailed special projects, provide descriptions of the projects and emphasize the results achieved.

If you are primarily in sales, emphasize your sales success including increases in volume and margins as well as how you stack up against the records of your peers in your department, store, or region.

If you are a buyer, do everything you can to show that you have a good sense of trends and that you can sense what will become the next hot item or style.

If you are a department or store manager, you would emphasize increases in sales, your department’s or store’s ranking within the chain, increases in profits, or increases in market share. You might also mention such things as inventory turns, sales per square foot, or sales per employee work hours.

Make mention of any involvement in planning or coordinating an opening of a store or of a major remodel. Show that you make effective use of co-op advertising and that you work well with manufacturers for special promotions. If you introduced a special new line of products or opened a new department, you could mention the increase in sales.

As a manager you can mention such things as your ability to train staff and your ability to decrease turnover and increase productivity.

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