Forget everything you have ever learned about resumes. Most of it is mythology. The process of creating an empowering resume goes far beyond the simple act of cobbling together your job narratives and mailing them in response to want ads. In fact, there are at least six benefits to writing a top-quality resume:

  1. You will feel more marketable and better armed to attack the job market.
  2. Knowing you look good on paper builds self-esteem and self-confidence.
  3. You will obtain more interviews and become more confident in your presentations.
  4. The resume can be used as the interview script or roadmap by both you and the employer.
  5. Your resume will serve as a calling card, enabling people to remember you, contact you, and refer you to others.
  6. It will help your prospective boss justify the decision to hire you.

In the pages ahead, we are going to provide hints and strategies you can use to create a resume that has real impact. You’ll be making dozens of decisions as you construct your resume; the information and examples provided will enable you to make the right decisions and make them quickly. There is no single right way to do anything, but there are ways to build a resume that looks good, reads well— and, most importantly, has impact that will capture the imagination of the reader.

An empowering resume is not just a resume. It represents you. Take the time to create a resume that presents the best you have to offer. A resume won’t get you a job, but it can help get interviews. Or, to put it another way, a good resume won’t guarantee an interview, but a mediocre one will cost you some. Set your mind on spending whatever time it takes to produce a resume that truly sells you.

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