The greatest concern of people over 50 is age discrimination. While federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, we know that it persists in both overt and subtle ways. Ageism is like every other form of discrimination; whoever you are…there is going to be somebody out there who is going to object to you. It is outside of your control. So treat it as an obstacle and get on with the job search.

In most cases, you will not be competing with substantially younger people. By virtue of your age you have achieved a certain level of experience, which by definition, will rule out the young ‘uns. You are presenting this level of knowledge, ability, judgment, and ability.

Back in the 80’s, every corporation worth its stock options was recruiting twenty-something MBA’s like the NFL drafts quarterbacks. Complete with signing bonuses. This youth movement was exacerbated in the 90’s culminating with the legendary dot-com fiasco.

You didn’t need an MBA to figure out that even the best business school education cannot replace solid experience.

So, create the presentation that demonstrates those assets that set you apart from not only your more youthful competitors but your peers as well.

Trenton is a 59-year-old insurance executive. His most impressive experience speaks volumes about his track record. Feeling a bit nervous about his age, he chose to omit his earliest positions. His employment record is so strong that the additional omission of his minimal education has also been omitted. The Prior Employment Section keeps us focused on the details of the more recent positions.

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