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I’m Tom Washington, founder of Career Management Resources and co-author of Resume Empower!: Shattering the Paper Ceiling.  I want to say a few words about Gary’s resume counseling abilities.

In addition to his career and outplacement counseling responsibilities, Gary Kanter is our firm’s dedicated resume consultant.

I’m convinced Gary is the best consultant in the Pacific Northwest. He has helped thousands of clients prepare thousands of resumes and knows how to sell people in all professions and industries.

Gary has the rare ability to draw from people that which makes them good at what they do.

Gary has the rare ability to draw from people that which makes them good at what they do. Then he works interactively with the client to present it effectively on paper. That’s why they get so many interviews. He guides you in presenting your duties and accomplishments in a way that is comfortable for you and impressive to the employer.

Gary is a fun person to work with and his clients enjoy the process. They not only end up with a great resume, but the process itself prepares them to interview more effectively than in the past.

For more information and to arrange a no-cost visit, contact Gary at (425) 454-6982 or

The Real Resume Expert Is You: The Gary Kanter Philosophy of Resume Writing

You are the world’s greatest expert on you!

As your presentation, the resume has to come from you…and be you. It cannot be someone else’s version of who you are. Our job is to help you define who you are in a way that effectively presents your skills, accomplishments, and value…in a manner that is comfortable for you to present. After all, what goes into the resume will also be the basis for your letters, phone contacts, and interviews.

A successful resume does not attempt to make you appear better than you are. Rather, it should demonstrate how good you really are, without unnecessary hyperbole and embellishment.

As our partner...and customer…You are the one who decides when your resume is complete. We are not satisfied until you are.

My Job

My job is to help you write a resume that will result in employers wanting to meet you.

I have seen my clients go from almost zero interviews to numerous quality interviews solely as a result of the new resume process.


  • Because the resume we create defines you in the manner you wish to be defined! It is your version of you – not the writer’s
  • The resume is your presentation
  • It makes you comfortable
  • It makes you confident
  • It is the script for your interview

I have honed this craft for over two decades. My clients have included entry level candidates, managers, technicians, sales and marketing professionals, engineers, and senior executives. They all had a story to tell and I am pleased they selected me to help tell it.

Gary Kanter
Career Management Resources

A Resume Has Three Purposes

Purpose #1: Your Report Card

Before you can prove your marketability to a potential employer, you must prove it to yourself! Thus, the first purpose of the resume is to give you a report card. This report card is based on the value you have brought in your previous employment. It includes your accomplishments, results, and contributions. How do you define your accomplishments and present them in a way that makes you comfortable? How do you select which accomplishments to present?

Purpose #2: Your Marketing Tool

Once you are satisfied with your resume, it becomes your marketing tool. The resume will bring you to the attention of the employer. It will create a positive interest in you. The reader will see and understand your value and, most important, your potential. The result will be an invitation to interview.

Purpose #3: Your Interview Script

Your interview will, in part, be based upon the information you presented in your resume. Questions will often come right from your resume: “I notice you significantly decreased turnover in your department. Tell me more about it.” You’ll be ready for such questions with a great story that will confirm your strengths.

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