Reviews of Books and DVDs
By Tom Washington and Gary Kanter

Résumé Empower!: Shattering The Paper Ceiling
Tom Washington and Gary Kanter, Mount Vernon Press, 2009

This is Gary and Tom’s joint effort to produce a resume guide that utilizes their experience in creating resumes that sell people. Having worked together for 20 years, Gary and Tom decided in 2008 to pool their combined experience of having written and edited thousands of resumes, to produce the resume guide to end all resume guides.

Résumé Empower is truly comprehensive and covers all the points that lead to building a resume that employers take note of. You’ll learn how to identify the value you’ve brought to past employers, and then how to sell that value to your new prospects. People who use Résumé Empower write stronger resumes—resumes that get interviews.

Quotes from career professionals:

The authors have done a great job of integrating their knowledge of job finding with the art of resume development, to create a unique training guide for job seekers and career professionals. Their step-by-step approach to building a high-power resume, and the compreenivisve information they include about how to develop each resume section, will answer all of the questions job seekers ask about resumes. It will eliminate the mystery and aggravavation associated with resume development. I highly recommend Resume Empower!. Dick Gaither, President, Job Search Training Systems, Inc.
Preparing a resume that separates a person from everyone else, is the first step in getting a great new job or launching your career. Standing out from the crowd, demonstrating your professionalism, and presenting yourself as a high performer is an essential skill that’s not easily learned. Luckily, Tom Washington and Gary Kanter have done the heavy lifting for you. In this remarkable guidebook, Tom and Gary will walk you step-by-stop through what it really takes to put together a resume that not only reflects who you are, but also what you’re capable of doing. Whether you’ve just graduated and are looking for your first real gig, or a seasoned pro ready to jump start your career, start by following the invaluable guidance contained within Resume Empower! Lou Adler, leading management  consultant and author of Hire With Your Head
The most comprehensive book on resume development I have seen in my 18 years of building resumes with my clients. Tom Washington and Gary Kanter have mastered a very conversational writing style that guides their readers almost effortlessly through each segment of the resume building process. This is truly an easy to use book for anyone wanting to build their own resume. Allan Hay, career consultant and author of Memory Mining: Digging for Gems from Your Past Good Work

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Interview Power: Selling Yourself Face to Face
Tom Washington, Mount Vernon Press, 2004

Interview Power gives you the total package. Nearly every imaginable situation that can occur in an interview is covered, including how to shine in 17 different types of interviews, and handling the 101 toughest questions. You’ll learn how to build rapport and how to master the art of interviewing by vividly recounting key experiences from your past. Many important points are covered in Interview Power, simply not found in other books. One advanced skill includes identifying the abilities truly needed to succeed, and providing examples and proof throughout the interview.

Interview Power:

Open up the secret to effective interviewing—the art of selling your strengths by describing past accomplishments.

Provided the principles for answering 101 tough questions.

Gives you ways to prove you have the “right stuff.”

Ensures that nothing will take you by surprise. Show you how to overcome objections and get the offer.

Prepares you for behavior-based interviewing—the fastest growing type of interview.

Reveals techniques that enable you to truly sell yourself.

Demonstrates hyow to deal with illegal questions.

Shows you how to quickly build rapport with your interviewer.

Gives you ways to prove you have the “right stuff.”

Ensures that nothing will take you by surprise.

Quotes from readers and professionals

After meeting with a career counselor who recommended this book, it helped me so much I’ve received a job offer after every interview I’ve been on since. That is four so far. I recommend this book all the time. It actually helped change my life. It’s the only book I can say that about. A grateful reader
This book gives you insight on the interviewing process, what interviewers are thinking, tons of sample questions to be prepared for, and also coaches you through identifying and selling your strengths effectively. After reading this book, my interviewing skills improved so much I've been offered every job I've since interviewed for. I am always recommending this book to my friends ES
As a career counselor, my clients often ask me a lot of questions about interview techniques. This book answers all of them, from how to dress, how to act, how to respond to difficult questions, how to address gaps or other problems in your work history, and so much more. This is the best guide I have come across for such information, and I consistently recommend it to my clients who want to cover all of their bases. Career counselor

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Interview Power (The DVD)
Tom Washington

Written by Tom Washington, this video takes key concepts from Interview Power: Selling Yourself Face To Face and uses video to show the viewer how to interview effectively. Interview Power demonstrates how to impact the interviewer with stories and anecdotes. You have the opportunity to see and hear how to best perform in an interview. This 70-minute video will enable you to get job offers that previously might have gone to your competition. Purchase Interview Power and get a 30-day money-back guarantee. This video continues to have the same impact as when first released in 1995. Because it emphasizes the universal truths about interviewing, this video teaches the principles that are unchanging over time.

What others are saying about Interview Power (the DVD):

This video will give viewers the skills, practice, and confidence to interview well and get the job they want. Information is presented using dramatizations and graphics, interlaced with cogent on-screen comments by employment officers from Microsoft, Boeing, and US West. The pace moves along at a rapid rate with summary graphics at the end of topic. Video Librarian
Anyone using these techniques will increase their self-confidence and effectiveness in selling themselves at an interview. The systematic approach given in this video provides the best method I’ve seen for fully preparing for successful interviewing. John Knapp, human resources consultant
Every question you’re likely to get about “Why should we hire you?” is covered with practical examples. It sets you up for no-surprise interviews. Jack Chapman, author of Negotiating Your Salary: How To Make $1000 a Minute

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The Psych Yourself Up CD (or cassette)
Tom Washington

The Psych Yourself Up CD is designed to be listened to just prior to leaving for an interview, or on your way to an interview while driving or riding a bus. It reminds you of all the positive things you will do in your interview and does so in a motivating and calming way. It can give you just the edge you need to fully sell yourself. Author/Reader Tom Washington’s enthusiastic and calming voice will help you get into the perfect psychological state to fully sell yourself. Purchase the CD or cassette and get a 30-day money back guarantee.

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