A Brief Bio of Tom Washington

Tom Washington holds an MA in counseling from Northeastern Illinois University. After joining a private career firm in Seattle in 1978, he established Career Management Resources in Bellevue in 1980. He began providing corporate outplacement assistance in 1982 and has worked with such companies as Hewlett-Packard, PACCAR, Microsoft, and Olympic Stain.

Tom became motivated to help others because of his own frustrations in selecting an appropriate career field and through his difficult job searches. He knows (and can never forget) the feelings caused by lack of career focus, and those difficult times in a search when one wonders if another job will ever be obtained.

In 1985 he published Resume Power: Selling Yourself on Paper, a complete resume writing and job finding guide which gained significant critical acclaim and praise from users. In 1995 he published Interview Power: Selling Yourself Face To Face. He has also written the scripts for two highly rated videos on how to interview effectively—You’ve Graduated, What Now? (1994) and Interview Power (1995). In 2009 Tom and Gary Kanter collaborated to produce Resume Empower: Shattering the Paper Ceiling. Since 1986 he has given over 65 radio and television interviews with stations throughout the US. He has spoken at national conferences on numerous career planning and job finding topics.

Since 1980 Tom has developed and refined programs that genuinely help people understand themselves better, help them select appropriate careers, and enable them to find better jobs faster. By utilizing his observations regarding strategies and techniques that work, he has created highly effective programs and processes.

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